"The Snake Charmer"
Sheetmusic w/ drawings
Victor 25734-A record label
Columbia FB 1903 record label
scandia KS 391 record label
His Master's Voice B.D.5345 record label
Hindsight HSR-144B record label
scandia KS-261 record label
scandia SEP 41 record label

Larry Clinton Orchestra
Scott Wood and his Six Swingers, Sam Costa (v)
Annikki Tähti, Onni Gideon
Jack Harris Orchestra, Dinah Miller (v)
Freddy Gardner Orchestra
Ben Pollack and his Pick-A-Rib Boys
Nat Gonella
Fud Candrix Orchestra
Roy Fox Orchestra, Mary Lee (v)
Bar Trio
Unidentified version

Victor 25734-A record label, Larry Clinton Orch

Columbia FB 1903 record label, The Six Swingers

scandia KS 391 record label, Annikki Tähti

His Master's Voice B.D.5345 record label, Jack Harris Orch

Hindsight HSR-144B record label, The Uncollected 1937 George Hall

scandia KS-261 record label, Onni Gideon

scandia SEP 41 record label